Exfoliate: Wash your face at least two times a day. However, you should exfoliate your face once after returning home.

Reduce Sugar Consumption: Cosuming sugar through sugary food and drinks may cause acne breakouts.

Have a relaxing mind: We have always heard that stress causes wrinkles in early age. So try exercises that relaxes your mind and help you stay calm. 

Don't pop that pimple!: Having pimple irritates everyone but poppoing it would surely left aftermarks.

Use Sunscreen: Suncreen protects skin from UV rays and its exposure. Unprotected skin can easily get sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

Keep yourself hyrdated and moisturised: Things that you can do from your end is to stay healthy by taking care of your skin.

Know your shampoo: If you would apply oil on your  scalp, it will easily come down to toy face. Similarly, you should know what is in your shampoo otherwise it will clog your pores and irritate your skin.

Add Vitamin E: Try adding Vitamin E to your skincare routine that will help in reducing scars.