Audio-Social Learning App Mentza Launches a Lucrative Campaign for its Members

Mentza has built a base of 1,02,000 members in just 8 months. Now it wants to make its members stakeholders in its growth

Mentza Social App

Mentza Social App: Mentza, a live audio-social app that facilitates learning through 20 minute long informal discussions, has just launched a campaign titled ‘Let’s Grow Together’, running from March 1st to 30th. The idea of the campaign is that current Mentza channel initiators who onboard new channel initiators win Amazon vouchers of upto Rs 6000 per onboarding (for a minimum of three channel initiators onboarded). This means vouchers worth Rs 18,000 for onboarding 3 new channel initiators, Rs 24,000 for onboarding 4, Rs 30,000 for 5, and so on.

But first, what is Mentza? And what is a Mentza ‘channel’?

What is Mentza?

Mentza is a live-audio conversational platform that is home to safe and vibrant communities for people to exchange stories in live 20-minute audio conversations (called circles). Conversations that are full of anecdotes, reflections & invaluable knowledge that connect people.

Continuous learning is a critical need that is being serviced by edtech experiences that are lonely, overly structured and tedious. Mentza turns learning on its head by making it fun, social, crisp and conversational. Budding poets encourage each other. Music enthusiasts discuss favourite compositions. Marketing folks swap case studies and best practices. A leader shares her life experiences. A founder talks about building a dream. Or a bunch of people just sharing their favourite memories from school.

Mentza’s audio communities involve experts around subjects as varied as marketing, finance, governance, parenting, entrepreneurship, poetry, sports, arts, careers, travel, tech, books and music.

To become a member of Mentza all you need to do is download the app and register. While members can engage with these conversations when they’re live, they can also listen to them later, as the conversations are recorded.

What is a Mentza ‘channel’?

Mentza channels are a part of Mentza’s ‘communities’ which revolve around different subject areas such as ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘personal growth and leadership’, ‘behaviour and social change’, ‘sports and wellbeing’, ‘marketing’, ‘design and innovation’, ‘travel, food and lifestyle’, ‘students’, ‘art, culture and media’, ‘Gujarati’, ‘parenting’ and ‘personal finance and investing’. Each channel is made up of conversation circles (of 20 minutes each) which follow a recurring theme that is within the ambit of a community’s scope. For instance, under the ‘Personal Finance & Investing’ community, there is a channel called ‘Practical Investment Gyan’, initiated by Pallav Agarwal, that has a conversation circle every Monday at 19:00 IST. Similarly, under the community called ‘Sports & Wellbeing’, health and wellness coach Karuna Grover runs a channel called ‘Lifestyle & Wellness’.

To know more about how to start a channel on Mentza, watch this video guide. In just 8 months, Mentza has grown a base of 1,02,000 members and created 1,60,000 content minutes and 1.5 million people minutes (the time members have spent on the app). “Channel initiators or hosts have already been bringing new channel hosts on the platform,” said Mentza co-founder Anurag Vaish. “We would like to reward this community behaviour and accelerate our journey to 1000 weekly channels in the next 8-10 Weeks. We want to make our members and channel initiators stakeholders in our growth.”

Vouchers won under this campaign can be claimed anytime between June 1 to July 31.

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