Pornhub’s parent firm MindGeek to change its name, why?

The private-equity firm that owns MindGeek - which operates a massive network of adult entertainment properties, including Pornhub has shed the company’s old name and, it hopes, some of the baggage that came with it.

Pornhub name change

New Delhi: Pronhub’s parent company MindGeek is all set to change its name in a bid to clean smut over its image and have a “fresh start.”

This comes after a recent change in the leadership. The Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), a Canadian buyout firm bought the firm and made the decision after holding brief meetings with all its employees and “other stakeholders”.

The company mentioned that all of them favored the idea of rebranding for a new beginning. Sarah Bain, ECP’s vice president of public engagement said that the team needed a fresh start after all the legal battles against its content that maligned its image.

Bain said the new owners of Pornhub are committed to “correct information and public perception” of the company as to what they are and how do they portray themselves in front of the world. The company has assured several times that they have a “zero tolerance” policy on illegal videos.


MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub, has been facing numbers of cases as well as scrunity on its videos allegedly for serving content that includes child sex abuse, victims of sex-trafficking and revenge porn.

The company runs a huge network of adult entertainment properties and PornHub is one of them but now the company wants to drop the bad image that it has and will come up with mature and responsible content.

The New Name 

Under the new leadership that committs for “trust and safety,” the MindGeek will be renamed as Aylo. In a statement released on August 17, the company said it is committed to innovation, diverse and inclusive adult content.

While announcing the change, the company said the new name, Aylo, will represent a fresh beginning that will reflect our dedication to being a global leading tech platform.

It will also a fresh beginning for those whom the company serves content to hundreds of millions of users worldwide with safe content as well as to th e”innovative employees.”